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After the agreement of China's Administration, the redemption by of 80% of our chinese subs…
Aug 27
First-quarter 2019: - Sales growth of +2.7% (LFL) - Rapid progress in the transformation plan • First-quarter 2019 sales inc. VAT: - Group sales up +2.7% on a like-for-like basis - Further acceleration in Brazil (+6.6% LFL), where convenience and e-commerce continue their good momentum - Slight sales rise in France (+1.0% LFL), supported by food (+2.0% LFL) - Growth of more than 30% in Group food e-commerce sales • Rapid progress in the Carrefour 2022 transformation plan: - Leader in the food transition for all: Continued growth in organic sales in Q1 2019 - Construction of a sustainable growth model: In Q1 2019, Carrefour launched new initiatives to improve its price and non-price competitiveness and systematize the revamp of the hypermarket - Culture of operational efficiency and financial discipline: Continued actions to improve operational performance and transform organizations, with new projects in France and Italy

Committed and responsible

一级a做爰片视频美国 “Doing our job well” at Carrefour means provide high-quality products to our customers ; act and invest to limit the depletion of our natural resources ; guarantee the sustainability of our offer.

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